Lorena Bob-A-Tater

Ladies are you tired of your lazy husband lying around the house all day?

Day in and day out,

Are you tired of the same old boring banana split?

Day in and day out,

Try the New Lorena Bob-A-Tater and make those memories a thing of the past.

With a swift clenching of the ergonomically designed handle you can turn your husband from a hunter to a gatherer in seconds and enjoy the most delicious banana split, soaking in satisfaction sauce.

• Interchangeable blades guarantee precision slicing either using the Penis Pruning™ secateur blade for cutting off at the root or the Penis Pepperoni™ blade for creating 5 thin, uniform slices at a time.

• Stainless-steel blades coupled with innovative design equals a fun, easy-to-use tool that makes lightning-fast work of slicing even the most pugnacious prong.

• Works on livestock and pets too!


  1. For the really creative gal, I recommend a spiral slicer. For those special occasions.

  2. Where are they now? I think he was in some porn movies but lost track of her.

  3. You're a real sick 1. Did you know that in America a banana split isn't supposed to be over $7 regardless of all the ingredients. Isn't that interesting. not really. it is if u live here nothin is 7-. glad to see u again