Have you ever had an uncontrollable involuntary all over body shiver?

I have.

I have them irregularly.

I have them involuntary.

I have them uncontrollably.

It’s rather like the unlikely event of having to sneeze while taking a piss. Don’t laugh it happens sometimes and when it does it hurts like a mother fucker. The urethra clamps down and stops the flow of urine from the penis in an excruciatingly painful way. The sneeze itself makes you close your eyes and your hand shaky, thusly the jerking motion of the sneeze results in the urine stream becoming unsteady and spraying the toilet and the walls and the toilet paper, etc. So ladies this may help to explain why some men leave an untidy mess behind in the bathroom. Or maybe your guy is just a pig.

On that subject matter, I never understood why the toilet seat HAS to always be left in the down position. I live a life of manliness. Women simply don’t live here. They visit…and remark…but my toilet is always in the upright position. That way I don’t piss all over the seat and when you ladies come over, the seat is always neat and clean. I understand both sides of the issue. I hear you say that, “In the middle of the night you might fall in the toilet.” I say twaddle! Don’t be so lazy. Get in the habit of dropping the damn thing before you go twinkle. That way the guy is never in the dog house for leaving it up and the seat is always fresh. Also when you get up at 3:30 in the morning you can bang the lid down loudly and wake the man from his sleep as a form of revenge. Then he can snuggle with you until you fall back asleep…that is if you want to go back to sleep now that you have awakened him.


Anyway, this has nothing to do with the subject matter at hand and that is, “Have you ever had a rabbit run over your grave?”

I’m not sure where I got the phrase but it has always been with me. I am from Mississippi after all. I think my Great Grandmother Maw Maw Tatum used to say it. The implication is that when you suddenly have a full body shiver it means that a rabbit has just run across the empty grave in which somewhere you will someday be buried.

Aren’t those rabbits clever?

It’s creepy to think about your own mortality and that someday you will be buried in the dirt. Unless you have purchased a plot and then you know where you will be buried. Unless you are going to be cremated and that negates the whole purpose of the saying, “A rabbit just ran over my grave.”

When I say it people look at me like I just went into some trance and predicted the future.

What about you?

Have you ever heard the phrase before?


  1. I have never heard that phrase in my life...and I hope to never again.
    I hate rabbits.
    They once tried to maul me. True story.
    So I have no doubt that those hateful fuckers would be running over my so to be grave, making me sneeze and shudder and piss the toilet.

  2. My family asked, "Did someone run over your grave?"

    I would prefer to have a rabbit run over my grave than an anonymous human being.

  3. I'm from Southeast Texas (more like The South than like Texas). Never heard that one before.

    Good point about the default toilet seat position, btw.

  4. I've heard similar... but not about a rabbit. Here it's more like "Ooh... someone just walked over my grave"... accompanied by that all over shivering sensation which ties in nicely with your toileting tales.
    the shiver is referred to as the "Micturition Reflex"... which is your full bladder telling your brain that it is full and you need to take a piss! Who Knew?

    Next time you get that shiver and shake all over just see if you need to pee pretty soon after...

  5. After seeing Princess's comment, I must amend my response.

    My family used the verb "walk" rather than "run" when referring to someone on top of your grave.

    Oh, and this is all the way up in Canada.

  6. I have heard the phrase "The Devil just danced on your grave" when you get a shiver.

    I have two graves - one in the family plot in Marion, and the other in the husband's family plot in Wellesley. My plan is to have a Cenotaph placed on the grave back home instructing people that I have been laid to rest (my ashes comingled with the husbands) in Wellesley. Not that I don't love my family. Its just that Wellesley is simply a nicer place.

  7. My old gran was fond of saying "Shivering like a dog shitting walnuts" and on the subject of marriage my paternal gran would say "Why buy a book when you can join the library"

  8. In our family it was: Someone just stepped on your grave.
    A bunny running on it sounds even more spastic...

  9. I've heard it...

    When I die, I want to be placed on a bier and have some Viking shoot a flaming arrow at it as I'm pushed out to sea.