The Royal Wedding:

I’m not sure that I’m going to watch the Royal Wedding. I think it could be a great big snooze. First of all she's forgoing the carriage ride. She’s opted for a limousine. Which means that she'll be wearing a miniskirt. If she had a big poofy dress with a train then she’d be riding in a carriage. The couple has sent out electronic invitations. There is to be a man-cave and finger foods at the reception. WTF? Heck His Royal Highness will not even be wearing a wedding ring. Like father like son. Just marry the twit and have your fun on the side.

I remember getting up at the crack of dawn to watch Diana’s wedding. I remember the wee hours of the morning the news announced her death. I remember her funeral.

I have a feeling that this royal wedding could be a bit of a train wreck. That’s the real reason to tune in. It should look something like this,

Thanks to Joe for this one.


  1. I'll be watching since the Brits usually put on a good show.

  2. I'm quite miffed. I didn't even get an invite and I'm a Princess!!!


    I don't really care what she's wearing...or him for that matter... what with all the media hype it's all wearing a bit thin on me...

    What's with the "Man Cave"?

    Isn't that what he's marrying????

    But to have it on display at the reception?... Who would have thought Windsor's would stoop to such public exhibitionism just to get a front page?....

    This too could all end in tears.... I see a tunnel pylon being built abroad as we speak

    Oh ... and it won't be just the food that's getting fingered at the reception if grandpa has his way...

  3. A limousine?

    Does she know how to step out of a car, unlike Britney?

  4. The Queen Mum is no longer with us..
    So why watch?

    *I must remember to leave T-mobile*

  5. I'm hoping she'll be wearing a big fat gypsy wedding dress that lights up and plays a tinny Für Elise. I'll only be watching because they might be a chance of a terrorist attack. Oh and Princess Anne's hairdo.

  6. Now that I've seen this, I will definitely not be watching. It would just be a let down.

  7. Oh, I'll watch. I can't help it.

    I just hope they do some line dancing there, like we do at all of our weddings.
    Maybe to Clarence Carter's classic "Strokin'"
    The queen would kill on that one.

  8. I'm boycotting weddings this year. I've been banned from two in the last 8 months.