The Christmas Gift:

What’s this? There’s blood all over my patio.

Oh look there’s Hemi cat lounging in the sun.

But what’s that next to him?

It’s my annual Christmas squirrel.

There he is bearing his prized Christmas gift.

I know someone who’s going to have a lonely Christmas.

A Merry Christmas to everybody.


  1. Don't Jesus, squirrels get resurrected every spring.

  2. Oh dear. Did you get my Christmas card? If so, my concerns will all be clear to you.

  3. p.s. Merry Christmas, beyotch.

  4. Life on the Serengeti! Very National Geographic-esque!

    A few years ago my neighbor "adopted" a family of ground squirrels living in the rocks on his property. They began to disappear one at a time. I discovered what was left of one of them in my yard. Turns out one of my cats was picking them off. I didn't tell the neighbor.

    Happy Christmas.

  5. Why, one more and you can have enough pelt to make fur undies like He-man to keep you warm! And it's squirrel, so you know they'll naturally hold on to your nuts!

    Have a very Merry Xmas and a Fantastic New Year, AyeM8y!!!


  6. Right on Hemi cat! Another acorn grows into a mighty oak. Merry Crixmus.

  7. Merry Christmas Mr Pirate.
    Nice work Hemi Cat!
    Mmm.. Squirrel the other nutty meat.

  8. seems you teach your children well.

    merriest of merry!

  9. Think about taking Hemi to a nearby turkey farm or duck pond could prove very lucrative.

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Yes, you can take its pelt and line your jock strap with it!

  11. oh, my.

    Merry Christmas! xo