Vlasta the Polka Queen:

It's Polka season and what better way to get in the mood than with, Vlasta the Polka Queen.

So get out your accordions and crinoline skirts and dance those pounds away to the, "She's Too Fat For Me Polka".


  1. You want polka?

    Then you want Stan and Yosh, the Schmenge Brothers!

  2. There were two guys in the Berlin subway playing playing this. Sounded awesome with all the reverberations off the tile walls. Unfortunately, my German was not good enough to request Lady Of Spain.

    Oh Hai MJ!

  3. Oh Hai MJ, Hai XL;

    MJ: I’ll just have coffee please. Cabbage Rolls give the winds something fierce.

    XL: I know you were in Heaven when the Fugue started up. Did you give’em a Drachma? How about a shekel ? What do they use for currency in that part of the world now that the economy is kaput?

  4. I'd rather see Vlasic, the Gherkin king.
    He does a rendition of the "It's too Fat for Me" "polka" too....albeit during but not on The Tonight Show

  5. Oh my god, I just had a flashback to childhood.