Today I was having a conversation with a young woman whom I’ve known for some time and the discussion never really turned to her own progeny until this moment.

She’s pregnant.

You see her sister was married to this strapping man and the union produced offspring. The young woman was babbling on about her sister’s kid and I stopped her and said, “You mean your nephew...It’s not a kid but rather he’s your nephew?” At which point she wrinkled up her nose and said, "I guess so".

She continued on about the boyfriend that she doesn’t want her mother to know about but was all too willing to tell me. The ‘boyfriend’ turns out to be the now ex-husband of her sister. Her ex-brother-in-law and the father of her nephew or the ‘kid’ as she refers to him.

So the ex-husband of the sister is now her boyfriend and the one who has now impregnated her with a child.

I said to her, “So let me get this straight, your sister’s ex-husband is now your boyfriend and the father of your unborn child?"

She said yes.

I said, “That makes you the mother of your sister’s child’s brother! And that now makes your unborn child his brother...and cousin.”

“His Brother/Cousin!”

She said yes, “But I don’t want my mother to know that we are seeing one another.”

I said, “Just when were you planning to tell your mother that she is to expect the arrival of her new Grandson/Brother/Cousin?”

She said, “I really haven’t thought it through that far...”

I said, “OBVIOUSLY”.


  1. Does Hallmark make a line of cards to cover these situations?

  2. WOW, truth is stranger than fiction! I bet a few scriptwriters could make a successful soap opera with the brother/cousin story!

  3. OH, the webs we weave!

    This is uncomfortably close to my own story, although no progeny (on my part) are involved.

  4. That's definitely got an off-Broadway connection in the best Tennessee Williams tradition; southern angst and a baby on the way -- awesome!

    I want fourth row center when it opens...

  5. Oh lord, and I just *thought* Inception was hard to keep up with.
    I need a flowchart or something.


  6. XL: You would think Hallmark would have a ‘Down the Hall...Mark Department’ !

    Leni: I assume the ‘Stories’ as my neighbor calls the soaps have inadvertently covered this story line as everyone on a soap opera sleeps with all of the characters on that soap opera eventually. There are only so many men to go around on a soap as there are in real life.

    Also I have watched All My Children since 1976 when Erica had a (scandalous at the time) abortion. Years later in 2006 the child (Erica’s abortion) mysteriously returned to Pine Valley. The doctor who performed the abortion saved the fetus in a tube until it matured and he raised him as his own child. Who knew they had such technology back then.

    Jill, Jill, Jill: I assume the Main Man was once married to your Sister? Or maybe your ex-husband ran off with your brother? Intriguing...I won’t pry...but...???

    Michael: It does have southern gothic written all over it. Especially since the girl hasn’t processed the familial connections yet. Imagine years from now the genealogist researching that tree! The thing is she is the sweetest naive girl and this guy has got his (hook so to speak) into this family. The mother of the two girls wants to kill him. She doesn’t know yet about the unborn child. She wants to kill him because he has three other children by three other women, not including the one with her daughter or soon to be daughters.

    I don’t judge this girl as no one can help who they love or fall in love with or get ‘taken-in’ by. It’s just this guy has predator written all over him. I feel sorry for the children.

    Jason: I know, I know, it took me a few minutes to trace the storyline myself. Not to totally offend everyone but this girl is white and was home schooled and raised Jehovah Witness! She should know better. Okay I’m officially a racist. I guess she is too sheltered. At least the black girls that I know are territorial and will stab a bitch if she moves in on her man, whether she is still with him or not.

    Also there is a strange southern custom with black folk here where they don’t raise their own children. The Johnson’s my neighbors are five generations of women who have done this. The grandmother raises the child and when that child has a baby her mother raises it and so on and so on and so on.


    I want my momma.

  7. Actually, some of my relatives did that too (not raise their own children). Maybe we're black too...I can only hope.

  8. Well, I always said if I get reincarnated I want to come back as a black girl.

    They just have more fun.

  9. oh you and that cafe society you hang out with.

  10. Has no one heard of Condoms?

    Talk about sibling rivalry, and I must say that it's not 'The Kids'
    Fault even tho referring to him as such may help to assuage her sense of guilt/shame

    Is there such a thing as retrospective steralization for both parties?... good grief... what a well thought thru plan..

    I just hope they are both happy now

  11. Do you expect us to call you LaToya or ShaNayNay now?

  12. 永遠不要躊躇伸出你的手。也永遠不要躊躇接受別人伸出的手。.................................................................

  13. My husband was my brother-in-law.