Gonna miss my old car.


  1. Was she Maureen???
    God, I love that song.

    Mine was Bertha (may she rest in peace) She was murdered in the hood, like the true gansta she was.

  2. Maureen Mercury!

    I was thinking of you and Bertha when I posted this :(

    Maureen is going to live with someone I actually know. So maybe I'll get to see her rumbling around town.

    Maureen is a sweetheart.

    I wipe a tear from my eye and raise a glass to Bertha and Maureen.

  3. Oh, yes, Maureen...all of their sistas are going with them too, I hear. They were the last of a breed.
    I'm pouring a bit of Wild Turkey out for them both.

  4. My first car Margaret, was a bit of a dizzy bitch. She would often forget to pay for her fuel at service stations and she would race over speed bumps at 60mph without a care in the world. She would see people walking on pedestrian crossings as a challenge, a human tenpin bowling game with Margaret as the bowling ball, I could tell she was itching for a strike by the way she would rev her engine. Her sad demise came when she was hit by a feeder pillar. RIP Margaret gone but not forgotton.

  5. My pc won't let me see.
    My first car was stolen and left for dead in Hatfield.
    She was one hot hatch.

  6. Don't you have a chauffeur?

  7. @Mitzi: Margaret would have enjoyed living at my house across the street from an elementary school. I get extra points for the colored childrens and bonus points for taking out the crossing guard but she always leaves a dent.

    Farewell Margaret.

    @Scarlet: I forget that foreign governments want you to pay per view. Greedy Despots!

    Farwell Hot Hatch in Hatfield.

    @Mistress: I used to employ Parkins as my chauffeur to motor me about Rodeo Drive in my Isota Fraschini upholstered in leopard skin with a gold plated telephone thingy. After the recent economic downturn I lost him to Mrs. Milburn Drysdale. Now I thumb rides with truckers and Parkins drives a Chrysler Imperial.

  8. How rude of me...

    @Jason: Maureen had a fully furnished wet bar, ice bucket, tongs, and tumblers. Drinks flying all over the satin brocade upholstery when we jumped the railroad tracks. There are quite a few old gals running in this town. My 96 year old neighbor drives a 1970’s Cadillac Fleetwood which I’m sure is still new to him.

  9. Are you running against Miss Drysdale as Possum Queen?