I'm Driving in My Car:

And I'm looking for a job...

By job, I think you all know what I mean.


  1. I'm thinking to myself, sometimes dear old Nina makes me think that Margaret Hamilton could have made a fortune in dance remixes.

  2. If the quantity is not a lot, I will hand carry..................................................

  3. I was so totally gay for her when I was about 18-20, Fearless and In Ekstasy were the soundtrack to my life. i think I was rebelling against my OC upbringing, i needed to let my freak frag fry. I saw her several times. Anthony Kiedis got pissed at her b/c she forgot the lyrics to What It Is at the Wiltern. Apparently, he never forgave her. It was a showbiz tragedy. And I was there. I still have ticket stubs and many photos of myself with mouth and eyes wide open, doing the Nina Hagen. I'm so lucky to have come of age in the 80s. I thought of you the other night b/c I saw this more recent b&w video of her singing in German with an orchestra on a rocky coast. She's aged magnificently.