Google Bots:

In a pathetic attempt to thwart the google bots, I have enacted the “Adult Content” disclaimer. I have checked my stats and found that google bot visited me during the night. No doubt it is crawling through every page and soon will discover, I’m a very boring blog. Here’s what Wiki had to say on the matter;

Googlebot is the search bot software used by Google, which collects documents from the web to build a searchable index for the Google search engine.

If a webmaster wishes to restrict the information on their site available to a Googlebot, or another well-behaved spider, they can do so with the appropriate directives in a robots.txt file, or by adding the meta tag "meta name="Googlebot" content="nofollow" to the webpage. Googlebot requests to Web servers are identifiable by a user-agent string containing "Googlebot" and a host address containing "".

Currently Googlebot only follows HREF links and SRC links. Googlebot discovers pages by harvesting all of the links on every page it finds. It then follows these links to other web pages. New web pages must be linked to other known pages on the web in order to be crawled and indexed or manually submitted by the webmaster.

A problem which webmasters have often noted with the Googlebot is that it takes up an enormous amount of bandwidth. This can cause websites to exceed their bandwidth limit and be taken down temporarily. This is especially troublesome for mirror sites which host many gigabytes of data. Google provides "Webmaster Tools" that allow website owners to throttle the crawl rate.

Unless Google and Blogger wish to go the way of "MYSPACE" they need to relax or else, I think it's time to move to Word Press or start my own domain!


  1. btw,
    is that the visitor from Santa Barbara that has jumped from my site to every link have, I wonder?
    How'd you realize a bot had visited you?

  2. I have Site Meter which I never check, however I have found it necessary from time to time when being stalked.

    It plainly says and the location is Mountain View California. However it only had one page view and stayed for 0.00 length of time. I guess that’s all the time it needs to launch an inquiry.

    I may be gone later today so...

    I think it’s time to give tumblr a try.

  3. interesting! i was just a leni's and it isn't possible to leave a comment now. i also checked my sitemeter and found 6 visits from an unknown source...wordpress is looking better and better... xoxoxo

  4. Also I think Leni was right, it was an ultra conservative Christian who shall remain nameless that invited her to join his friend network. He turned us all in and probably for the sake of saving her soul.

    Lord deliver me from your followers...

  5. Oh for christ's sake; this is all getting too complex. I just wanna' have a fun goddamn blog with nice, snarky followers/comments.

    Jump to WordPress, ho's. I did a few years ago even though my sig/bio links to Blogger. I'm a slower learner and shit...

  6. Did Michael just call us ho's?