Blah Blah Blah:

Where is the zing I ask you? The muse has done up and left me. I find no musings. Either musing or amusing. Which I find altogether not very amusing.

I have,

Actually I have the blog blahs.

I should blah blah blog but I just don’t blah blah blog.

You know things keep skipping along though. I’m now the proud owner of a new Macbook. Which makes me portable for this exciting century but I seldom find the inspiration to just instantly blog about it...right there...on the spot. Like some inane twittering facebook update every five minutes when I come up with whack job insight. Nope not me I like to blog about blah blah blah.

I have a new car. New car to me. A sexy car. Actually it’s a blah blah blah and it’s silver blah blah blah. Now I don’t officially have the most ghetto car in the parking lot of the Family Dollar store in the ghetto part of town. And girl blah blah blah just sassy and turnin’ heads on the boys blah blah blah.

Oh well that’s what’s going on around here, we should talk more often blah blah blah. Also the ongoing trial is still ongoing. Recently MJ appeared sweeping into the courtroom to give testimony decked out in 80’s high fashion. Which caused many to touch their faces with indignant pensive thoughts except for Fallon blah blah blah.

Actual Courtroom Footage in that big black empty space below this message blah blah blah:


  1. I've had the blog blahs too. I'm trying to get back in the swing of it. Maybe our muses are having an affair?

  2. Oh hell. Hasn't the leprosy blah blah gone away yet? I thought it was all sorted.
    Obviously MJ is dressed to turn the thing on it's head.
    ...also feeling rather blah blah.

  3. That's still my number one court room entrance scene; someday I hope to repeat it when I contest my Exbf's estate plans...

  4. Hey, a little penicillin and you and Little Pirate be almost as good as new!

  5. Same here Ayem8y, I haven't felt the muse for a long time. Nothing says class quite like brass and strings. I would like a Telemann's viola concerto played in G minor finishing with a cymbal crescendo upon my entrance to Home Bargains

  6. Oh my. I'm just getting around to reading this FOUR days after you posted it and today I used the term blog blahs.

    I must have seen this post while skimming Google Reader and it got into my head.


    Why don't you offer to take us all away on vacation?