As told through pictograms.


  1. What a glamorous life you lead!

  2. Holy hell! Emphasis on "Dirty", pirate!

  3. let's see if I have this started off Bisexual, taking "male and female" alike.
    But I'm guessing you "aliked" the male a bit better...especially those big rigs.

    Can't say I blame you.

    Then somehow you found yourself in the middle of the cold war.
    Thankfully Big Igor there warmed you up pretty good.
    After a trip to the restroom...and a clean up in the sauna, you went on to become American's first famous Commie queer folk singer!

    Is that close?

  4. Dupree-It is all rather glamorous isn’t it?

    Be careful what you wish for.

    Jane, Jane, Janey- I know even I surprise myself with the depravity. BTW, I almost snapped a picture of an automobile tag that read Mr & Mrs. Janey the other day and I thought of you and the car was really fast and I thought of you the whole ride home.

    Jason-Exactly! Right down to the last detail.

  5. Pardon me while I go wash up now...