Verbal Disease:

Attention class...

News Readers say it.

Commercial Voiceover Artists say it.

You say it.

I say it.

We all say it.

We all say, ‘Ardy‘.

The word is, ‘Already‘.



Now that I have ardy broughten it to your attention span see how many times a day you actually say it or hear others say it.

Educated people no less.

I know I’m a hick but when a nine year old from Mississippi pointed it out to me a few years ago I must admit that I was astonished. In the south we contract our language because we're lazy. Unfortunately copying Southernisms has become very popular.

Take for instance, ‘Ya’ll’

What was once considered the epitome of Britney Spears has now swept the nation. I simply won’t abide a Long Island broad sayin', ya’ll.

Say it with me, A-L-R-E-A-D-Y.

There, that’s much better.

Make the conscious effort to pronounce the whole word before, ‘ardy’ finds it’s way into the dictionary.

Class is dismissed.


  1. "Ardy ar ar ar! A pirates life for ye!"

  2. Don't be ardy for the party.

  3. Laurel and Ardy?

    What a linguistic orgy.

    Where I live people say "Cunt" instead of Couldn't. Yeller instead of Yellow and "Put wood in hole" instead of "Will you please close the door" so think yourself lucky.