One Thing Leads to Another:

And ends up with Charles Manson, as usual.

The other day I was pondering the question as I often do, What’s Josie Cotton up to?

Remember her?

Johnny Are You Queer ring a bell?

That song and her performance truly made the 1983 movie, Valley Girl starring Nicholas Cage and the esteemed Deborah Forman. It changed my life and ushered in the 1980’s.

So I googled ‘Josie Cotton’.

Results included the usual, Wikipedia page, a personal web page and image results of the album cover with the Liz Tayloresque hairdo then, Q & A with Josie Cotton.

Hmm...what’s that one?

Q & A with Magnet Magazine?

Never heard of it.

Magnet Magazine invited Josie to a Q & A and to debut her new album entitled Invasion Of The B- Girls by sharing free downloads and partake in her insights to the movies that inspired them.

The rest of the interviews and songs can be found there also including, Girl In Gold Boots and The Black Klansman , One that I have already shared with you in the post below, She Devils On Wheels, featuring the song Maneaters and the great Russ Myers films, Faster Pussy Cat, Kill Kill and, Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls.

Maneater video

Everyone just raves about The Valley Of The Dolls but the far superior classic Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls is the better film and co-written by none other than Roger Ebert. The story goes that as the script was being written the Manson murders took place and the final bloody scene of the movie was inspired by these murders. A sick nod to Sharon Tate who was in the original Valley Of The Dolls. Once again Charles Manson.

What’s even more strange is when I went to re-listen to my interweb downloaded copy of the soundtrack of Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls it included an extra song, Johnny Are You Queer by Josie Cotton.

Isn't that a coincidence?


  1. fuh-reaky!

    I love her Maneaters song by the way. I'd never heard it before. I like!

  2. Face it.

    You're a wanna-be-bad-girl.