One Thing Leads to Another:

And ends up with splitcock as usual.

Woke up this cold grey drizzly day to find a dead possum in my yard!

Are you familiar with the marsupial Didelphimorphia, the order of common opossum of the Western Hemisphere?

Vile, ferocious creatures that lurk about in the dark with beady eyes and sharp teeth, often carrying liters in their underbelly pouches or found dead along busy roadways.

I can’t abide them!

Neither can Shareeka the Boston Schnauzer. She’s a good girl she is. A dirty little terrier that hunts out rats and possums and vermin. She likes to snatch birds and squirrels right out of the air and snap their little necks. Last night Shareeka killed a possum.

*Warning Not For The Squeamish*

Click the picture of the possum to be taken to another location where I have photographic evidence of the carcass complete with bloody entrails and intestines.

Looking up information to pass along regarding the opossum I discovered that they have a bifurcated penis.

A what?

Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.

A bifurcated penis is split in two like the DEVILS penis.

I simply had to see this with my own eyes. So I googled bifurcated penis and the first entry was, Splitcock.

The story of body modification and a man who split or bifurcated his own penis.

Then a host of interesting images popped up regarding split penises and then there is the rare dreaded double penis.

Your Welcome.


  1. Nasty looking things. Good girl Shareeka.

  2. YIKES! I saw one in my backyard! It was huge! and fearless! YUCK.

    Oh, I'm talking about the opossum, not the splitcock.

  3. I've been bitten by one once...

    (oh, and I've seen a possum too)

  4. Dreaded double penis?

    Send him right over!

  5. Ahoy, matey. Miss J almost just fainted. She'd rather have ten possums in her yard than the split penii!