Overheard Today:

Random statements overheard at the flea market,

“Oh My God! That’s the most beautiful Lava lamp I have ever seen.”

“Well I was thinking I could hang it on the bathroom door of the travel trailer.”

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, I may have tattoos all over my arms but I’m just as Godly as the next person out here.”

“That is THE cutest covered wagon lamp”

“Mmm handcuffs...how much fer the handcuffs?”

“What are you askin’ for the Jeff Gordon collage? We love NASCAR...the whole room is done in NASCAR.”

“Neveah and Natas git back over here.”


  1. overheard, or oversaid?

  2. I might have said one or two of them. Maybe the handcuffs and the covered wagon lamp appealed to me...

  3. Thank goodness I finally rounded up Neveah and Natas from the Lava lamp display.

  4. When you're down to your last dollar, you can sell your Miss Pensacola crown at The Flea.

  5. A glow in the dark used condom filled with water makes an even cheaper alternative to the actual lava lamp. You could even hang them on your christmas tree for that festive cheer, any shit stains can be rinsed off under the tap.

    I overhead this little snippet in the £-shop yesterday.

    "Wait outside Rhianna or you'll get no surprises for Christmas"

    I followed Rhianna's mother for a while, looking into her basket, oh poor poor poor Rhianna you must have been a very bad girl this year to deserve a load of old tat.

  6. Rhianna's mum should do her shopping from Mitzi's tatalogue.

  7. Don't tell anyone...we have a lava lamp in our bedroom...