How to Graciously Accept a Compliment:

For some it can be very uncomfortable when given a personal compliment, they simply don’t know how to receive one. On the other hand some can’t wait and prod and ‘fish’ for one. That’s why it’s necessary to include this handy hint on, “How to Graciously Accept a Compliment”.

Please follow these tried and true etiquette approved examples below:

Personal Compliment: “My what lovely hands you have”

Gracious Response: “I suffer from extreme Elephantitis and bouts of eczema mixed with psoriasis. Therefore I visit my physician and regularly receive scrapings and sleep in heavily medicated and pain numbing gloves. But thank you.”

Wasn’t that a simple and dignified response?

Personal Compliment: “I never noticed before but you have the most beautiful aquiline, Romanesque nose”

Gracious Response: “My father used to physically beat and abuse me and has broken my nose on numerous and countless occasions. But thank you.”

Wasn’t that a simple answer?

Personal Compliment: “I love the cadence and tone of your speech pattern and voice”

Gracious Response: “I was born without a fully developed upper palette and as such mucus and brain matter constantly drain into my throat. With the aid of an orthodontic architectural support system that also prevents me from swallowing my tongue in conjunction with a lifetime of vocal coaches and speech therapists, I’ve been able to affect the semblance of a normal speaking voice. I’m also terminally deaf. But thank you.”

Now you are armed with examples for all sorts of clever responses to, Graciously Accept your Next Personal Compliment. Remember to always close your statement with, “Thank you.”

This has been another handy hint from the Mean Dirty Pirate, “Charm School”.


  1. What lovely labia you have.

  2. Faithful reader, Mitzi from England writes in and asks how to graciously accept the following compliment, “What lovely labia you have”.

    Gracious Response: “What this old thing? Following a terrible car accident where 93% of my body was burned and charred by flaming molten metals and enduring extensive skin grafts and reconstructive surgeries I was still left labia-less. Finally through a charitable cadaver Christian donation I was the lucky recipient of a landmark textbook labia transplant. But Thank You.