It's Sunday:

and I feel the need to worship.

“Hey did I tell you the one about chasing my priest around the rectory?”

“I finally caught him by the organ.”

I only go to church for the music and especially the organist. One should never underestimate the organist. A really good organist is hard to find, you know…but what’s more important is the outfit that you wear. Organists should be flamboyant! They should wear glamour, glitter and glitz. They should wear shiny gold Mary Janes with a little buckle strap.

Dianne Bish

Cameron Carpenter


  1. Welcome back Ayem8y!

    "My what a small organ you have" said the prossie to the vicar.

    "Well, my dear." Replied the vicar "It hasn't played in St.Paul's cathedral before"

  2. I never thought anyone could make Elton John look dowdy.

  3. I think Cameron Carpenter there has on some shiny gold Mary Janes with a little buckle straps too, but I can't quite see.

    They may be stuffed down his crotch however.

  4. Boo! The pictures aren't there! I want to see the pretty organists too!

  5. That's some serious pedal action from old Dianne there.

  6. Slacker bitch, you're tagged. If you can drag your ass out the truck stop, go see the details over to mrpeenee.