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What’s all this about Sonia Sotomayor?

I have to confess that living in the South I’m woefully inexperienced in Hispanic culture. I don’t understand a single word, not a lick, I took French in high school. After hurricane Ivan struck the area, a Mexican workforce migrated here like locusts. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a prejudiced person really, I don’t hate groups of people I hate individuals. I was just concerned when my neighbor employed a crew to remove old asbestos roofing shingles. They just shoveled that crap right off without the aid of a respirator or a hazmat suit. They did a fine job then I’m sure they crawled off somewhere and died.

Soon billboards started to appear advertising Spanish Co-Cola, and something to do with newborn babies that I couldn’t make sense of and they invaded the flea markets. Most were piteous and looked more like old mountain women from Chile. Just as they were settling their culture around the area, hurricane Katrina hit and off they swarmed to New Orleans.

So it strikes me odd that there is so much hoopla surrounding Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. I could care less if she is Hispanic or even a women but I’m rather more concerned with the question, Are her views liberal or conservative? I think the one troublesome thing about her is her name. All the journalists are having a field day pronouncing her name with flair and accent on the syllables.

Lets have a closer look shall we, CNN newsreaders annunciate it as follows, [ Sew-Toe-My-Ore ]

Without the aid of an occasional Mexican boyfriend translator and the hindrance of a thick Southern accent, I would say, [ Soda-Mayer ]

It's so much simpler don’t you think? When in doubt contract the word as much as possible. It’s the Southern way.


  1. I used to have a Soda Mayer (tm) bottle I dug up from the mud, backa the house.

  2. I pronounce her name "Soda - Mayore" (silent e but with a slightly long o like iron ore) and since I'm from CA, which is really just Mexico, I have some authority on this topic, even if I'm wrong since, technically, Mexico isn't Cuba. Those stupid hillbillys are a disgrace to this country with their hoe down aw shucks down south racist bullshit. sorry, pirate, but i don't really consider Florida "the south", so you're off the hook. But I know ya kinda are. But ya got Miami, so its ok.

  3. I would have pronouced it as Sew-toe-mer or failing that Roseanne Barr lookalike Sonia.

  4. Miss J is excited. The Supreme Court needs more wise Latinas on it.

  5. South Florida isn't "The South", but once you get north of Palm Beach County it gets awfully southern.