Lemmon Entry:

I’ve never been a fan of Robert Downey Jr. Not that I dislike him but just not a fan. His portrayal of a drug addicted Hollywood kid in “Less Than Zero” was eerily prophetic of things to come. I don’t think he was acting. I still don’t think he can act. He’s one of those that plays himself but we all try hard to suspend disbelief so we don’t feel cheated just to get our money’s worth.

I have no interest in plunking down cash for movies these days as I think the system has ‘Broke Down’ they don’t know how to make movies anymore. The animated movies work much better. They have time to craft a story and they don’t have to pay the actors to sit around while they hastily make-up a story. Independent film is where it’s at but try finding a theater around these parts that shows one.

Back to Robert Downey. His latest movie where he sort of impersonates Sherlock Holmes the way someone would impersonate Sherlock Holmes for Halloween. It looks dreadful. Except for Jude Law who looks like he’s in it for a pay check and the chance to be seen in a real Hollywood flick before his hair is completely gone. What’s worse is that it sounds dreadful. Robert should NEVER attempt to affect an English accent, in fact no one should ever try to affect an English accent except someone from the South. The two accents are very similar and vice versa think Vivian Leigh in Gone With The Wind.

What’s worse is that he is using it as an excuse to make Sherlock Soft Core Porn. Every promotion shows him with his shirt off or ripping his shirt off or doing sexy things to Jude’s, Watson. I can’t blame him for that and maybe the only reason to queue this one on Net Flix.

The real trouble is that I have seen Robert do this character before. Think back...Charlie Chaplin anybody? Which he blatantly knocked off from Jack Lemmon’s character in The Great Race, Professor Fate/Prince Hapnick.

That’s my unsolicited and unseen yet to be released movie professional critics opinion. Two Thumbs Downey.


  1. Im going to wait and see the movie - then Ill come back and comment properly :)

  2. You're right. It does look dreadful.

    (said in a English accent as attempted by a Southerner)

  3. This has Keanu Reeves/Wynona Ryder in Dracula written all over it...

    Please kill me now.

  4. It's lemon entry, my dear Ayem8y.

  5. OK, I'm going to admit I hadn't even heard that his existed until now and I already think it's a bad idea.

  6. I agree, but I'll watch Jude Law in anything.