I Wish Everyday Was Negro Day:

So if it’s the last Thursday of the month it must be Negro Day at Mean Dirty Pirate. Enjoy my Eighties Negro Day Dance Party.

O’Bryan - I’m Freaky

The Deele -Body Talk rare remix instrumental

Shalamar - Pop Along Kid

One Way - Mr. Groove

Midnight Star - Electricity

Cameo - Shake Your Pants

Stephanie Mills - All Day All Night - Def Mix

Angela Bofill - Too Tough

Millie Scott - Every Little Bit

Rene & Angela - I’ll Be Good

Cheryl Lynn - Encore


  1. Shake it! Shake it! Shake it but don' break all ova the dance flo! Do The Mean Dirty Pirate Dance!

  2. oh my goodness......you've made my (negro) day.

  3. No parkin' baby...no parking on the DANCE FLOOR! Wow, I'm gonna put on my boogie shoes tonight! I'm gonna shake it, I'm not gonna break it, I'll wrap it up for whoever will take it! ;)

  4. I heart Angela Bofill, bless her heart. I hope she's recovering and doing well after her stroke.

    Stephanie Mills...I would like her even better if she actually had a neck. As I write this, Diana Ross' version of "Home" just shuffled on my iTunes, as a karmic smackdown to Ms. Mills.

    Everyone else: love 'em, 'specially Rene & Angela. And, rumors to the contrary, I have pretty good rhythm for an Asian.

  5. Oh, tjb, I'm right there with you with....everything...but especially about Stephanie. I love her...and am terrified of her at the same time. I'm half afraid she'll crawl up out from under my bed right now.