Sailing...Takes Me Away:

Don’t shop for new boats at night. It’s really dark. You can’t see the boats. “Yes, Yes I'm sure that everyone who buys a boat at night buys a bridge as well but I’m simply not interested in the Brooklyn Bridge...Swamp land in Florida? No thanks I already have some I'm trying to cut down.”

“Too small...”

“Too White...”

“Too new...”

“Ooh I like that one...Can I see it with some light please?”

“Cue the lights Charley...”

“Oh I must say I like that one...Can I see it in a sunset?”


  1. You need a proper pirate ship.

    With a Jolly Roger flag and a poop deck.

  2. Don't forget Cap'n Morgan's Spiced Rum, Matey!

    My friend swears by mixing it with Mountain Dew...kinda like a Jolly that Jolly Roger to you, Mean Dirty Pirate!

  3. Arrgh! Which bee the wun thit comes with a parrot and a munkee? That bee the ship for thee!

  4. When you drop anchor in poo bay, you need to be sailor chic with nautical themed fashions. How abouts some nice horizontal stripe trousers navy blue and white with a gole anchor emblem on the back pockets, a classic aran pullover with optional neckchief and its anchors aweigh.

  5. Boats are ok.....but sailors....... :)

  6. Boats, sun, sailors. All dreamy.

  7. How sad I am the only mean dirty pirate fanatic old enough to realize this blog entry is inspired by a Christopher Cross song...