On the Road Again:

I’ll be on the road for a few days as a good little Roadwhore should be servicing the Oasis Truck stop on county road 39. Package deals available. Lunchtime specials. Group rates. Handicap and senior discounts. Coupons will be honored. “Hey baby, Wanna see the Grand Canyon?”


  1. Good to know you're "differently-abled" accessible!

  2. What a lovely world it would be if all truck stop whores would wear cocktail hats and pearl necklaces on their wrists.

  3. Will you be there mid August?

    Nice hat

  4. Listen tricks I'm busy with my mouth full and don't have time to entertain your snarky comments on my chosen profession.

    I printed way too many coupons!

    Got a line around the parkin' lot.

    This just in, Sex Sale heldover through August...

  5. I was blown away by your performance in Trucker Trash.

  6. CyberPoof: MDP could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

    Now hush as he is in mourning for the passing of Farrah Fawcett.

    We must show some respect.

  7. Heaven has a new Angel.

    She finally gets to meet Charlie!

  8. Now, now.
    Don't be cryin' out there, everybody!
    Farrah wouldn't have wanted it that way.
    Get up, shake your mane and yell "FREEZE"! at the bad guys.
    Flash those pearly whites on the dance floor!
    Here is your music to help you through your tears:


  9. Michael Jackson gone, too?