It's a boy:

Then he said, “What the hell is that thing?”

Then I says, “It’s a puppy dammit! What the hell‘d you think it was?”

Then he said, “Gawd nada nother dawg! What the hell kinda place you runnin’ round here anyways a puppy mill?”

Then I says, “I could’n say no to the nice Poda Rican woman. She claimed they was pure Chihuahuas then comes out that the neighbor dog broke thru the fence.”

Then he said, “First off that aint no pure Chihuahua and what kinda woman don’t fix her dawg and let it run round where it can git knocked-up? Wha’did the momma dawg look like anyway?”

Then I says, “The momma dawg looked like a big ole’longhaird tit bag. She was’nt purdy but you could tell she was like a Chihuahua.”

Then he said, “Wha’did the daddy look like?”

Then I says, “I did’n see him”

Then he said, “Fool for all you know it was a Rottweiler or a Pit sorda looks like a Pitt Bull.”

Then I says, “It aint no Pitt Bull but it does look kinda like a Boxer though.”

It went on from there...

You know Dozer, Shareeka, and Grandma, well meet Puppy X. I had to have him he’s just too cute and I have a big yard and I need a little house poodle y’all and he’s so cute, Can I keep him? Can I keep him? Awww Pleeeeease?

It’s time now to play, “Name That Puppy

The new interactive game show where you a member of the audience gets the chance to, Name That Puppy. Participants will win all sorts of cool prizes like nothing and imaginary things given in comment sections or a brand new vintage virtual gift.

He kind of looks like George Raft or Humphrey Bogart or like one of the dogs playing poker in the famous tapestries of the dogs playing poker, I think the originals hang in The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Cloisters, one or the other.


  1. Oh my god! He's utterly too adorable!

    I'd suggest Farrah, but I guess that would be wrong on many levels.

    Lemme think.

  2. Hmmm - well if he's got a Bogie thing happening, I'd suggest the name "Marlowe" or "Muggsy"

  3. Or combine Bogie and Muggsy and you've got "Bugsy".

  4. Ribsy?
    This idea came from those Beaverly Cleary novels from childhood...spending waaaaayyyyy too much time there lately!
    Pop rocks, anyone?

  5. Ooh, ooh, ooh, he is so CUTE. Id say either Bitsy or 2pack.

  6. He is SO gdamn cute...

    You could call him Rick. Then every time you talk to him, you could use a Peter Lorre voice and say, "Of course, you do despise me, don't you, Rick?"

    Or follow his Mexican heritage and call him "Pancho".

  7. LOVE HIM>>>>>
    Names are hard. Maybe Ellington or Eduardo?....

  8. btw - If I should happen to win, I'd like an autographed butt shot so I don't have to keep logging on to gaze at it.

    That' it - call him 'Buttshot'

  9. Chihuahua or not he looks adorable. He looks like a Sidney or a Walter, perhaps Dave. I like the idea of giving pets people names. My gran had a male french poodle called Cissy. Well it was the 70's.

  10. I would like to thank everyone for playing along and contributing. I’m going to be running a little poll to see which name plus a few others wins.

    First of all Jason I was thinking exactly the same thing. Can you imagine yelling that out the door, “Farrah...Farrah...C’mere lil Farrah”.

    Dupree: Thanks for going in the Bogart direction I like Marlowe & Mugsy. Buttshot not so much but let me yell it out the door a couple times, “Buttshot...Oh Buttshot where are you...There’s my little Buttshot...go on now Buttshot get in here...”. Should one of your names win, I’ll personally autograph (not my secretary Ms. Hightower) that picture of my butt!

    MJ: Bugsy sound good when hollerin’ out the back door. He does have a little bug eyed look about him.

    Laura: I must have read Ribsy a dozen times or more in the fourth grade but afraid he’s going to be a Porky instead.

    Peenee: Bitsy would be really good and I can see myself the limp wristed bitter old queen with my Chihuahua clutched in saying, “Bad Bithsy bad...thnapping at the nith handthome man”. 2pack’s good! More like the leather wearing bad ass I want my little snapping poodle to be.

    Miss Janey: Peter Lorre itself would be an excellent name! I nominate Peter Lorre...all in favor...I also have been going down the Mexican name list but I have to admit I’m more familiar with Ebonical names rather that of the Mexican variety. Pancho, Poco, Pesos, Pepe, etc. Nothing sticking so far.

    Mr. Bluehaunt: Such a proper name to sing out the kitchen window, “Ellington oh Ellington”. How about Skeffington? or Ellsworth? I like the Latin bit of Eduardo maybe even Rico Suave.

    Mitzi Mitzi Mitzi: I feel a trend coming on with the naming of pets with people names and the naming of people with pet names. What about Grant? or Abner? How about Bob or Jim?

  11. Aww I too late?

    I like Chester Brown
    or Ralph Marie

    I had a dream about 2 dogs a couple years ago and those were their names.

  12. i'd call him 'pinch' don't know why. that's what comes to mind. plus he looks like he's going to be an adorable troublemaker.

  13. There is no way that puppy could be any cuter. No way.