“This is Dozer my handsome boy dog with good manners.Who has good manners? Yes he does...yes he does.”

He’s five years old, neutered and of undetermined mixed breeding, likes prancing, chasing pigeons, and long sunset runs around the whole yard for hours.


“You may be wondering how I get my white dog so bright? I use Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing, it‘s safe and non toxic...I swear by it.”

“This is Shareeka, who’s a pretty Shareeka? Yes she is ...yes she is...”

Shareeka the Boston Schnauzer is two years old, frisky and fully capable of reproduction. She fancies herself as Dozer’s girlfriend. She’s a tramp that likes rolling around in smelly places, and “locking up” with Dozer when in heat. Dozer and Shareeka get the best of both worlds.

“Meet Princess. Isn't she pretty? No? Who's a pretty Princess? Yes she is...Yes she is...aren’t you Princess?”

Yeah it doesn’t work for me either.

“Princess isn’t really pretty are you Princess? No she's she's not...are you Princess?”

She’s missing large patches of her champagne poodle hair coat revealing spotted skin with moles. She recently came to live out her old lady Princess poodledom with me.

Neither Dozer nor Shareeka care much for Princess and her snooty attitude. Princess recently underwent a name change. She is now officially referred to and known as Grandma. Hollerin’ out the backdoor, “Princess...Princess!” just wasn’t working and now the Navy boys next door think I have a Grandma that wandered off.

Princess was living with a friend’s grandmother at an assisted livin’ facility. The grandmother is ninety something and recently took a bad fall. All of the family members refused Princess and one even suggested that she be “put down”. She’s twelve and is in surprisingly good health except for her skin conditions. She remains dignified about her current reduced circumstances.

She’s sort of mean acting like a mother-in-law towards Dozer and Shareeka. Kind of like Endora and that’s not all she just magically appears out of nowhere. I get up in the middle of the night and there she’ll be lurking in the shadows, “Oh hey Grandma...go back to bed Grandma...nice Grandma”.


  1. Awwww. I miss having doggies.

    Or do I miss having it doggie style?

    Whatever, your pups are adorable. Even patchy Princess!

  2. too completely

    I'm more partial to Dozer, myself....but act more like Princess I think.

  3. Such bitches!

    And so lovable.

  4. That woman should put you in the will and kick her family out....that is what I would do!
    I think they are all pretty...but I always have (mostly) hairless dogs.
    More dog (and navy boy) stories, please.

  5. yes, the dogs are cute. now i want navy boy must have many...stories i mean.

  6. Yes, Dozer would be my first choice too.