In The Hood:

There is a certain school across the street from my house and not just any school but the one reserved for unsavory students. Many occasions for heckling the old queer across the street with a, “Fruity Faggot”. I give them a shrug of “Is that all you got?” attitude and then I fire back with, “Enjoy your life in prison jailbird...they like pretty boys...” and walk off. It’s a posh neighborhood.

Occasionally the entertainment from across the street is more of an adult nature. Always people coming and going and workers doing this and that. Some dilapidated old portable (trailers) buildings were recently removed. Thanks to Mrs. Drinkwater for spearheading this action which so obviously mired her view. It was fascinating simply fascinating watching a certain sweaty swarthy west side worker toil the whole day in the blazing sun without a shirt.

Later that same day one of the Navy pilot boys from next door enjoyed a game of basketball. All by himself. All by his little lonesome self.

You know the whole, “What’s up sailor routine” popped into the bad idea file immediately but he was gone before I could slip into a jockstrap and some boots.

Meanwhile around the corner sat my huge Easter Trash Pile.

Hungry scavengers cleaned me out within minutes.

Oh and this guy in the white Mercury Mountaineer with Florida tag # U69-OSH flipped me off for honking at him while he snoozed through a green light on Easter Sunday. He was quick on the draw too like he does it a lot. Asshole Easter Driver!


  1. Trash piles and boys! Two of my favorite things.

  2. Damn those mountaineer drivin' douchebags! he was probably passed out already, wrapping up his Easter Sunday bender. FL looks very green, so do the young men in the know the ones who protest too much are the first to give in.

  3. *still waiting for photo of Pirate's pleasing posterior*

  4. It's been years since I was last heckled, bloody PC brigade! I like to call on friends knowing that they are out just so I can go through their paper waste "Blue" wheelie bin, I've made some amazing discoveries.

  5. lesbian neighbors are great....but not eye candy.

  6. Hm. Something Miss J's neighborhood needs: a construction project with half-naked men prowling about.