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Well that was fun wasn’t it?

Move down on the couch please,

Moving right along,

Have you been a Mean Dirty Pirate lately?

“Yes I suppose you could say that.”

Have you exhibited mean behavior recently?


Have you exhibited Dirty behavior recently?

“Most definitely.”

Have you exhibited Pirate behavior recently?

“Yes I intend to.”

Enlighten us and explain please.

“I intend to Pirate a video of Jennifer Holiday’s free concert at the Mobile Alabama Pride Festival and Parade on Saturday. Which is an odd thing for me to be attending when I have no pride. I can just feel how jealous all of you must be to hear this news because it just doesn’t get any Gayer than Mobile Alabama...‘And I am telling you....I’m goin’ the best gay parade I ever know’d."


  1. sounds like so much fun! i wish i was there with you... i have a mancrush on you[ask mj].

  2. Oooh... I just saw Miss Thing with the New York Philharmonic at a benefit gala.

    What I love about La Holliday is that, for all of her bravado, there's always something slightly awkward and off each time I see her perform live. The costume isn't quite right, or the wig is cockeyed, or, in this case, her shoes were so uncomfortable, they literally hobbled her walk.

    But we still love that crazy bitch!

  3. *You* have "no pride"?
    ....what about poor J-Ho there? Free Concert in Mobile?
    I mean really.
    God bless her.

    But you have fun out there, hear?!

  4. Larry DOES have a mancrush on you.

    Therefore I advise you to make a beeline to the clinic to update your shots.

  5. Have fun! Let us know if her wig is askew. I bet she'll be sweatin'...keep an eye on the upper lip and the pits.