Zen and the Art of Home Improvement:

Saturday I bought an unused commercial grade disposal still in the box at a thrift store for $10.00. Then spent $50.00 dollars on electrical and plumbing supplies to rig the damn thing up. Let me walk you through it.

First of all I had a single pole two wire 15-amp 125-volt single plug outlet under the sink for the dishwasher. I converted that into a two-pole three-wire 20-amp 125 volt double plug split ground fault interrupter outlet. That means that one socket is always hot (for the dishwasher) and a switch (for the disposal) controls the other. Then I ran 16 gauge romex electrical wire through a conduit to a switch outlet that I located under the cabinet to control the disposal.

I then removed the old drain flange and lock nut washer with a pneumatic grinder powered by a 26 gallon 1.6 horsepower 160 max psi vertical air compressor.

Rewired the disposal with a six foot 16 gauge appliance power supply replacement cord with grounding wire. Replaced drain flange with the disposal flange set in place with a fat snake roll of plumbers putty. Knocked out the plug for the dishwasher drain hose that now attaches to the disposal and coupled the unit to the flange locking mechanism.

Removed old corroded metal drain pipes and replaced with a new PVC P-trap, two extension pipes and three new 90 degree elbow connectors. Reconnected the water supply and returned the service at the street. Flipped the circuit breaker and I was now ready to dispose of my waste through my new disposal.

It was simple as 1-2-3. I figure that I probably saved about fifty cents in labor cost but at least a hundred dollars in materials including the new disposal. Girls don’t let home improvement scare you. I could have had a plumber do this work for me but since I have ingenuity and I’m not afraid of plumbing or electrical repair work I reap the benefits of knowing that I did it myself.

I’m busily grinding away any and everything in my kitchen as I type this.

I need a manicure!


  1. huh?
    the only words I understood in there were "manicure" and "grinding away"

  2. That’s okay honey the next time I’m in New Orleans I’ll drop by with my power tools and do some improvement. Maybe we could get a manicure too.

  3. Well, I compost most of my scraps, and I have a hot plumber.....but still I am impressed!

  4. It looks like a pressure cooker to me. I'm familiar with the word Flange! It's what they use to call me in the clubs (still do) Miss Flange.