You know a successful portrait when all the elements come together just so. An elegant wrist about to sign an important document, a crisp restricting uniform, officious surroundings. More subtle elements are at work here that make magic. A beautiful face, a camera penetrating stare, an air of imperious authority.

Crowning element?

You decide but the stupendous swirling vortex of magnificence might well suck you into her very soul. Positive hypnotic wiggery emanates from this source. It’s healing. Stare at it look upon it and repeat after me: “Good hair healing vibes...No more bad hair days...”


  1. ah....that felt good.
    Zen and the art of the bouffant.

  2. Love the crash helmet hairdo.

  3. She's probably about to sign the affidavit wherein she outs her ex-girlfriend and accuses her of seducing her into a lesbian life of sin and vice. Her hair is beautiful, but it looks like PacMan with hi-lites, about to eat her head. Excuse me, MS. Pacman...

  4. The face is all business, but the hair screams 'get on your go-go boots and let's go play!'