A One Woman Orphanage:

Today on the Today show they featured the woman who birthed the octopuslets. I was expecting the vilest uneducated share cropping brood mare from Alabama but I was surprised to find something altogether different.

This woman is PSYCHO!

There she was a rather white looking but ethnically ambiguous woman defending her plight to Ann Curry sporting an expensive manicure with French tip. Explaining her decision with a lot of, “God will provide” statements. She spoke with a clean dialect albeit with a clipped valley girl cadence.

There is something odd about her lips. She has a trout pout! How does a woman with six children at home and eight in the hospital afford manicures and lip injections? Ann then hits her with the question, “So you grew up as an only child that felt that she didn’t receive enough attention from her own parents...How can you possibly give them the attention that they deserve?” More, “God will provide”.

I’m not a psychiatrist but this woman appears to suffer from personality disorders like narcissism and ego mania. It’s not about those babies it’s about HER. This is her chance to be in the spotlight for whatever reason and a chance to get wealthy at the same time. I’m sure she has deals with Gerber baby products and Pampers diapers in the works. Chances are good she will profit from this horrendous violation of nature.

I predict dire circumstances and lives filled with turmoil for these children. The grim reaper and fate probably have a full calendar agenda prepared for the next twenty years. Lifetime movies has possibly sent agents to secure the rights to tell their story. This In Vitro crap has got to stop. Sorry ladies but if you want to sacrifice your child bearing years for a career then do so. Stop spitting out fifty babies when you are fifty yourselves. Granny was right about Ellie Mae being sixteen and over the hill.

Since these babies are not people and are obviously up for sale as a media property I suggest that they put them in a zoo so we can all file in line to view and pet them. Go on the road in a traveling world city tour. When they become ten or eleven and not so cute they can still work the state fair and roadside attraction circuits. Later in life they can form their own local factory workers union. It’s a win/win.


  1. The situation is INFURIATING. Miss J has no children of her own, but figures sooner or later, she'll be taking care of this enormous brood via her tax dollars.

    And please lets remember this crazy bitch had planty of help from her ferility doc. His license should be revoked...

  2. There's nothing more for me to add, ayem8y, 'cause you done said it all, brother. Can I get an "AMEN" up in here?

  3. Amen. But, perhaps she could sell her children? God said you could sell your kids in that fictional work those cluelessly call The Bible.

    Ebay, baby! Darthy Cheney said that ebay would help support people. Perhaps this is what he meant.