A Nice Pink Butt:

Let me just share for a moment.

Take a deep breath and now close your eyes.

I want you to visualize with me.

I’m pushing my cart in Barnes’es Super Market rounding the corner when I spy what in a flash looks to be a little pink pig in an apron asking me to rub his poked out and up in the air little pink butt.

I didn’t imagine it.

You can thank me later when you wear this T shirt out one night and everyone rubs your butt. Now continue reading with me and your eyes closed.

Imagine rubbing a nice pink butt wearing nothing but an apron. I must say the sensation persisted with me all day. The website (look it up yourselves it’s buttrub.com, and hell no I aint linkin‘ to em.) says that the company is local to this lovely area. They offer a T shirt and are you ready for this, the very same naughty apron that I dream of and when properly filled with a pretty pink ‘butt’ shall fulfill today’s adventure into Fantasyland.

Thank you.

Now all passengers please exit the tram for Goofy parking lot once again that’s Goofy numbers 100 - 200 and 350. And remember all personal items left behind on the tram shall become the permanent property of...I wonder if the product is any good? You know as a tenderizer I mean? Funny that I just now thought about that. Yes yes tenderizer. Tenderizing a nice pink butt in an apron and we're off to Fantasyland again.

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