You Beat the Nicest People:


  1. Obviously, she hasn't been shopping lately...

  2. I never noticed before, and maybe the photographer was just off or something...but is dear old Dinah crosseyed??

    I'm asking nicely.

  3. The photographer was just too nice to say anything!
    Her voice is so soothing.

  4. Aaron- I don’t think she’s been shopping in about 15 years. I do miss her and her simpler time when people were nice at Christmas.

    Jason- I think she was a little squinty twitchy eyed if I remember her talk show days. She also had polio as a child that left her with a limp, so I recently read. Didn’t stop her from golfing though.

    Colleen- Her whole album is soothing. She could sing the phone book as far as I’m concerned.

    Ray- Isn’t it though. I think I hear Thurl Ravenscroft asking her to step off his foot. He could be a Grinch. I especially enjoy the Doris you got playing at your place.