Merry Christmas:

Well sorry for the lack of posting lately during this busy past week I’ve been on the road as any busy road whore should be during the holidays.

Lets make up for it with some virtual gifting shall we? It all started with some crazy demented gift exchange ideas for Mitzi then I thought I should get everybody something. Some got more than others as I like some more than others. Just kidding but hey did you get me anything? I didn’t think so. I just got stuff for all those who frequently comment.

Merry Christmas to all…from ayem8y.

For Mitzi, what do you get the gal who has nothing? Everything she ever desired.

For Jason the spinster school marm. I thought of practical things that one needs while learnin’ the chilluns and dodging storms in New Orleans.

For Misster Kitty a set of original Christmas cards by none other than Doris Bryant. Kitty also just birthed a new puppy that needs dressing.

For Peenee here’s some fabulous footwear to go along on your NEW CRUISE TO JAPAN! I booked the smoking state room…they were all smoking state rooms.

Oh yes and some of these.

For Reavis I somehow was thinking hurdy gurdy. It seems like a logical and practical profession while living in New York.

For TJB who has exquisite taste and only the best will do for him. Also some little candies so that he can, “Simply Stuff Himself” like Gloria Upson. You know Schrafft’s is really top drawer.

For Scooter in Seattle who is probably having a cold white Christmas by the fireplace.

For Ray Ray who enjoys hiking in State Parks and a hooked rug for O.C. his husband who is hooked on video gaming…a nasty habit.

For Miss Janey who is a dog lover and an early morning hiker, some Cupid Chaser bitch repellent and these lovely iron foot scrapers

For Colleen an easy serve Sleigh Tray and a generous supply of Keep Off for the new puppy, Addie.

For Shirley the gastronomist even though he rather passive aggressively doled out presents to others (not me), which made me rather passively aggressive about it. I bequeath my collection of hams.

Including this fine portrait of a ham before all of THIS

For Larry who enjoys all the naked mens’es.

For Gallus who just purchased a new dwelling and also likes nakedness.


  1. Snug Sho-guards??? Just what I always wanted...somthing to slip on before my rubbers!

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. I just adore my pencils with my name engraved in gold foil!
    So elegant.

    But I do plan to steal one of Larry's presents for myself. Sorry, but he surely won't miss one, will he?

    I'll lure him in with a bit of aristocratic ham, into my Penobscot Indian basket, and bingo...spinster no more!

    (Well, that's the plan at least.)

    Merry merry!

  3. Thank you for my rare and beautiful gifts Ayem8y, and so many of them too. You can go mad with bracelets, wrist to elbow with diamonds. My sapphire and diamond bracelet will look sensational against a long black evening glove.

    All the best XX

  4. Why THANK YOU Pirate, what a lovely travel kit. And I will hopefully wean OC off the wii long enough to enjoy his hook know, I always feel sorry for road whores around the holidays, what with all the lonely men and all that traveling to keep them warm for a few hours at a time. But consider yourself lucky you've still got work. In this economy, that's saying something about your talent! Merry Christmas!

  5. mean dirty pirate! many thanks for the nekked mens!!!

  6. oh so sweet!

    And a novel about slaughterhouses.

    Talk about passive agressive! Oh, maybe I could find one extra gift on the gift shelf for you...give me a minute.

  7. Oh, darling, how marvelous! Thank you, thank you. And j'adore the fact that you selected my gift from Parzinger; is it sad that I actually knew who the Parzinger in question was? One "Tommi" Parzinger -- he was a German refugee, so I'm not sure if "Tommi" is a native German spelling, or if Miss Thing just liked how it looked -- like Susan Hayward as the fashion designer "rae" in "Back Street": "All lower case letters, very chic."

    For the completely disinterested: "...Parzinger's East 57th Street showroom featured sumptuous compositions of his furniture along with carefully selected accents such as Navajo pots, African carvings, and Polynesian spears. His own designs—particularly his case pieces—were simple in massing, but often covered in jewel-like lacquer, leather, or precious wood veneers, and punctuated by hand cast hardware. By the 1950s, the handsome, elegant Parzinger had become something of a society figure, and was at the height of his popularity. His client roster included the Ford, Rockefeller, Mellon and Dupont families, actress Marilyn Monroe, and the McGraw-Hill and J. Walter Thompson companies..."

    Merry Merry!

  8. Well aren't you the sweetest Pirate EVERY!

    Hope your holidays are going well ... We've got one more weekend to get through before AA, Detox and the Fat Farm... sigh

  9. Sweetie, I just got back from my trip to Los Angeles to find my glam cruise. So thoughtful of you. I have to run now to order my cruise wear. Tah.