Last Minute Gift Ideas:

What do you get that hard to shop for person on your Christmas list? I know what it’s all about because I am that hard to shop for person myself. Think of me as the Santa in the Miracle on 34th Street movie, I’ve done all of the research for you and I’ve rolled the prices back to 1939. Should be a bargain, you can thank me later.

First up is a real handy little invention for the lazy. Got a diva princess on the list? Well this item is custom built just for them. Really it has to be custom built into your home. There’s no price tag on such love.

How about a snob? I just bet you’ve got one of those lying about on the sofa or in the yard. It’s a lifetime membership to a prestigious club.

I know every year I scramble to find just the right thing for my servants. They’re so picky. Well here it is a special little thank you for your butler and after all he spends the entire year looking after your butt.


  1. So very many intriguing things about Billy Baxter, the pet of Park Avenue, but mostly “across the street service.” You call that service?

  2. I'm a charter member of the Rural Road Poodle Club.

    I've thrice been denied admittance to the IPC.

    Those snobby bitches had better watch their kibbles and bits, that's all I'm saying.

  3. Peenee I call that the best kind of service from Billy Baxter.

    Jason I too have been denied membership to the IPC. I've decided to join the International Bitch Club instead.

  4. Nice collection of 'Madison Avenue'.

    Have we ever come a long way!
    I had an old Sears wish book a few decades back. Fun just to browse thru it at the time

  5. With my own Stair Travelor I can finally act out my favorite scenes from Lady In a Cage whenever I want to!

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    Love ya, mean it.

  7. Ayem8y, I am waiting patiently with a build up of nervous anticipation for my demented gift.