Happy Birthday:

Today is my Father’s 77th birthday! Yay!! I couldn’t find the 77 card all they had were the 70, 75, 80 etc. So I bought the 100th birthday card instead with a little note inscribed inside stating just that and how I rounded the number up.

Both of my parents got a kick out of that. They celebrate their 50th anniversary at the end of the month and Christmas in between. I made a batch of divinity with and without my homegrown pecans and also I made a batch of white chocolate chunk cookies.

I crammed them into a vintage Christmas tin, (unused found in the attic) and shipped them off. The package arrived yesterday and today when I called to offer him birthday sentiments my Mother said she had to hide the tin because he’s eaten almost all of the contents. It’s the little things that make my family happy.


  1. Cute!
    And homemade divinity with homegrown pecans sounds as close to heaven as I can think of.

  2. So sweet! (You and the divinity.)