Election Day:

Don't let this happen! The poor little Tiny Winky's of the world need your protection. So he's black...get over it...vote for him. Strike down the bigots of Florida and California who want to write evil legislation into state constitutions that in essence say, “Separate IS Equal”.

Why here in Florida the pro marriage ban signs have little slogans underneath that say, “Save Our Children”.


First off I aint interested in children, I prefer old men.

Second I aint about to go recruit children to make them gay…it’s hard work…a little akin to handiwork or craft projects…so much energy expended making sows ears into silk purses. The results are always shoddy and never as good as the spontaneous natural homegrown versions that I come up with in my evil gay laboratories that dot the globe in world headquarters awaiting the moment to strike with force…never underestimate an evil gay scientist with a gay clone army.

Thirdly so many gay folk are adopting the unwanted children resulting from slapdash shotgun hillbilly unions. Thank God someone is…and that someone is just taking care of those babies. Yeah they can get married and make a mockery of the institution but two people who actually love one another can’t? After you have farmed out your unwanted children to undesirable relatives then who you gonna get next to take one in? The gays.

Problem solved.

Things can change quickly…but not if you don’t vote for change and the possibility of change. Now get out there and vote for it!


  1. WOO! Already did vote. And everybody knows that the purse-carrying 'tubby is the one turning kids gay.

  2. Hahahahahahaha!!!! Feeling quite nervous about today's election, I really needed this video. Thanks for posting.

    As for what you wrote, Amen, brother! I still don't see how my relationship with another man hurts some kiddies across town. Each time I hear about another straight celebrity going through another marriage, I wonder why the "shove-it-down-yer-throats" Christians aren't saying that hurts the sanctity of marriage. I mean WTF??? I have even asked some Bible thumpin' co-workers how they thought my relationship would weaken theirs. Usually I get some crappy answer like marriage is all about making kids and creating families. When I ask if infertile couple should then be denied marriage they just stammer and try to find something to quote from Leviticus. I ask if they eat shrimp, crab or pork. When they say yes, I say that same section in the Bible that forbids men from lying with men also forbids the eating of the foods previously mentioned...and wearing clothing of mixed cloth. They get frustrated and say I am twisting His words. I say, I don't presume to speak for Her. But I do know the Bible says, "Judge not..."

  3. Done, matey! Miss J is actually more worried about California's Prop H8 than the presidential race. She keeps telling herself people have more compassion and sense than that... But you just never know. The economy is in the crapper, the war in never-ending, and THIS is what people are wasting their energy on.

  4. Still can't believe how close this race is. If Sarah Palin hadn't come along to drag down McCain, then he might have stood a better chance of ...gulp...actually winning the election? McSame/Falin'? Really?

    Reminds me of the Daily Mirror headline back in 2004 when Bush got re-elected,"How can 59,054,087 people be so dumb?"

  5. I want the right to have multi marriages ala Liz Taylor or a least one long crappy one like my parents.