Unsolicited Movie Review:

The best reason to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull: Shia sporting motorcycle leather fetish. It's HOT! Like surly juvenile delinquent hot.

The next best reason: Cate sporting S&M dominatrix Chinese bob with sword fighting action.

The reason after that: Shia and Cate dueling atop moving vehicles in the jungle.

Reason of all reasons: Shia's crotch! It has a career all its own.

Another good reason: Harrison! Now you know the reasons behind the movies I watch.


  1. I'll take a Chinese bob over a Shia leBeouf any day.

  2. HOT! Now, imagine if that's how she looked as Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings Movies!

  3. Jason I think you would look so cute in a Chinese bob.

    Scooter I love Cate she's about my favorite actress. BTW I loved her ethereal Queen of the Elves but could have done better with a Chinese bob of course.

  4. I don't find Shia attractive at all. But Cate's a dream.