I think I have finally narrowed my selection for the 2008 presidential candidates. I will only vote for the candidates that can actually pronounce the word, Nuclear. It’s not that hard and to demonstrate I have laboriously copied a pronunciation guide from dictionary dot com.

nu·cle·ar [noo-klee-er, nyoo- or, by metathesis, -kyuh-ler]

1. pertaining to or involving atomic weapons: nuclear war.

In pronouncing nuclear, the second and third syllables are most commonly said as [-klee-er] a sequence of sounds that directly reflects the spelled sequence -cle·ar. In recent years, a somewhat controversial pronunciation has come to public attention, with these two final syllables said as [-kyuh-ler]. Since [-klee-er], the common pronunciation of -cle·ar, might also be represented, broadly, as [-kluh-yer] the [kyuh-ler] pronunciation can be seen as coming from a process of metathesis, in which the [l] and the [y] change places. The resulting pronunciation is reinforced by analogy with such words as molecular, particular, and muscular, and although it occurs with some frequency among highly educated speakers, including scientists, professors, and government officials, it is disapproved of by many.

Also I shall consider any candidate that knows the difference between Specific/Pacific and can enunciate said difference.

"Specifically it is known as the Pacific Ocean."

Another thing, I have totally decided that I am voting for Paris Hilton as Fake President.


  1. The saddest thing of all is that I think Paris H. can probably pronounce "nuclear" perfectly.

  2. OK that amuses me in my naughty parts... talk about disturbing!

    I'd so fake vote for her.

  3. I think Paris will make a fabulous fake president. I hope she doesn't pass a law that makes us all carry lap dogs in our man bags.

  4. is that a male paris hilton impersonator? what an odd looking woman. goes to show you that the media "photoshop" the fuck out these d list celebrity images eh....

  5. everyone is leaving comments for Paris (she's so boring) - I find the ObamBatman and McCainBoy Wonder more titillating - Sarah makes a purrfect Cat-woman - KAPOW!