If I Could Sell Time in a Bottle:

It’s a little depressing to go through your morning routine and while wiping the steam from the mirror for a shave realize the visage staring back at you is your fathers. Believe it girls it really does happen unless you tend to favor your mother and then you are on your on. Of course this is all relative and if after undergoing a transsexual reassignment surgery, I suppose finding your mother staring back at you would be a welcoming sign of success and who in their right mind wants to undergo reassignment surgery to become a middle aged woman?

That said growing into my forties and a more mature version of myself I expected an episode of mid life crisis but nothing of the sort has occurred. I do enjoy the salt and pepper effect that is becoming more salt than pepper lately but sadly the face just sort of goes around forty. The skin becomes less resilient and everything you eat drink or breathe shows up the next day. Crows feet become caverns and the elasticity under the eyes leave a permanent shallow.

I plan to age gracefully but I tend to watch the media and familiar contemporaries with faces that were once new sadly growing older along side me more closely. I’m not a huge fan of celebrities that magically age in reverse and flippantly toss their heads about with tight necks and eyes responding to claims of surgery with a standard denial. It works for some and not for others.

Debbie Harry recently went in for her sixty thousand mile retread and looks like a million while others seem more ready to take on the mantle of horror show hostess. Some days I like who I see in the mirror and other days I use more products in a vain effort to retard the ravages of time. I know what my father looks like at seventy so it’s inevitable and also in the genes. He’s handsome for an older gentleman and I hope to be the same.

Today while perusing the blogs I look down the list and see The Sartorialist and think to myself enough with the election and economy I need a dose of pretty. Imagine my relief to find Lauren Hutton attending a fashion event looking fabulous. Aging gracefully with a certain dignity that comes from conviction and self-assurance. She’s comfortable in her aging skin and as a result she glows with radiant confidence.


  1. I know. I'm starting to see some signs--the crow's feet I can handle, it's the less-resiliant skin at the neck that's hard to handle. So: time to eat really healthy and to use those special creams! They have magical powers, right? Right?

  2. I never thought that I would end up being one of those people who spend hundreds of dollars a month on a skin care "regimen," but there ya go.

    Catherine Deneuve once said that, at a certain age, you have to decide between your face or your fanny. Since my fanny, alas, is hardly ever seen by anyone else, I've decided to slather myself with whatever miracle treatments the wizards of cosmetic science and commerce have deemed essential.

    The first time a Sephora salesperson offered me a free sample of eye cream, I was offended. Now, I plunk down $50 for a tiny shot of it as if it's crack.

  3. Miss J thought the exact same thing about LH. She looks wonderful. Good for her for not going in for the pulled & lifted look.