Cryshtal Barnyard:

So I was wondering the other day as I often wonder many days about Crystal Bernard. My favorite actress in a sitcom, Wings, that I never watched. My favorite actress in Lifetime made for TV movies that I never watched. She was my favorite actress of the resurrected, syndicated version of the sitcom It’s a living that I never watched. She even had a prolific musical recording career that consisted of two albums entitled, The Girl Next Door, and my favorite, Don’t Touch Me, both of which I never listened to.

So I decided to look her up. I started with find a grave. Not there...yet. Then I went on to Nope she’s not there either...yet. I finally found her on of which I never bothered to visit. But the Wikipedia had a short, short page about her and here are the highlights:

She became an amateur entertainer at a young age, singing gospel songs. One recording of the two that have survived from those years is a song called, "The Monkey Song" (an objection to evolution). The other, Feudin' Fussin' and Frettin, is a recording of a 1972 Thomas Road Baptist Church service led by Jerry Falwell. Bernard is a Republican and a supporter of George W. Bush.

So you see it all makes sense now. This is why we don’t see Crystal Bernard anymore.

Here’s Crystal singing State of Mind…watch if you dare…it’s cheap and sends mixed messages from a strict conservative Hollywood Republican gal. You get tight midriff bearing outfits and gambling. So Crystal I hope to not see or hear you in many many more bad productions and TV movies, videos and christian recordings.


  1. I didn't dare!!!! So now I can join you in not watching her in all of the above and this too!!! Being exclusionary is fun and easy!

  2. Goodness.
    I used to watch her all the time on Wings.
    And yet I never really wondered what had happened to her.

    (Somehow I half thought maybe she and Anne Jillian were having lunch a lot)
    Now I know better.

  3. When I return home from a holiday the first thing I do is log on to this site, to see who's croaked it.

  4. Why am I not surprised?

    Good old Cryshtal-Meth-Barnyard! I remember her sister Robin, who used to be on "General Hospital" in the mid-80s (before Crystal-Meth did "It's a Living.") I wonder if she's a conservative, too...? Probably.