Poor Farrah Fawcett! I mean it has got to be really hard to be Farrah Fawcett. Suffering from a case of career cool down and cancer all at the same time. It’s all that Ryan O’Neal’s fault, I just know it.

Ryan and Redmond sitting around unemployed sucking all of Farrah’s resources and snorting her stash. Come on fellas the lady is sick sick sick. She needs her doses of dope to cope with cancer and for having an ungrateful untalented husband and son dope feind duo. It was nice of them to take the fall for (holding) Farrah’s dope stash though.

I bet Farrah was on the phone with Tatum’s dealer lickety split.


  1. Somewhere Lee Majors is having a laugh.

  2. Farrah was an extraordinarily pretty girl who became involved with the right men at just the right time for her career.

    Being Mrs. Lee Majors certainly had its advantages in the beginning of her acting aspirations, especially with hubby's already well-established acting career and contacts. With Lee's agent to procure her first big breaks in television, Mrs. Farrah was successful in avoiding the usual pitfalls of the casting couch that most promising, young, unattached starlets must battle alone in Hollywood.

    Let's face it: Ryan O'Neil was already an unemployed, has-been even as far back as the '80's. But was it just coincidence that during this time Farrah made the magical transformation from bimbo to Serious Actress? Methinks it was Ryan O'Neil coaching her behind-the-scenes and in-between-drinks.

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  4. Such a bunch of truly talented beautiful people with serious addiction problems!

    Geez! Tatum even won an Oscar at age 10!

    Redmond could have been huge star if only Mom & Dad could have channeled him and taught him discipline instead of booze & pills.

    Guess they haven't learned much since 1986 when Griffin O'Neil was charged with manslaughter in a boating accident which killed one of the Coppola kids!

    Ah well..beyond the valley of the dolls...

  5. This is what happens when you tan. Just sayin.