Abra Cadabra Lessons:

Remember not everyone you meet is quite who they say they are. The mysteries of human connection are superficial and projected. Once that is determined it’s easy to see beyond the facade of everyday existence and through to the inner being. Assumption becomes question and answers become insight.

Who am I kidding? We’re all freaks at least I hope there are still freaks out there on this All Hallows Eve. The experience of tricking is still inherent and the experience of wanting to grant a treat is still universal.

Be more aware strangers. Be more aware of the difference between a good stranger and a bad stranger. Be more aware of being taught the concept to be afraid of ALL strangers. Not all is what it seems. Some strangers are enchanters.

Congratulations graduating witches of 2008.

Final ceremony,

Is everyone ready? Let's begin:

Lesson 12


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  1. It's Halloween everyday with the people who I mix with.