Abra Cadabra Lessons:

Now I find out the hook. I can’t just be a part time spell caster I have to do it full time and I’m so lazy. That’s why I wanted to know witchcraft in the first place. Magically make the house clean itself. Make myself fresh from a shower without ever leaving my bed. Gosh typing that just made me want to go and take to my bed.

Magic flowers...that’s the answer. I know what my magic flower will be, more like magic weed. If I get good enough at this stuff I can magically conjure up quantities of magic weed. Right after a little magic nap. After tonight’s lesson we graduate into Junior witches, here’s your merit badge below.

Is everyone ready? Let's begin:

Lesson 6


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  1. Okay....creepy stuff. I went to the link to listen to it...but it took a while. A long while...in fact, I forgot about it (damn ADD) then I went on with my web surfing and was listening to something else. That's when the amulets lady started to speak. Not having heard the other song I was now listening to before, I thought it was all the same thing. Scary thing is, it went well together. Maybe I'll put them together and send it to Frankie Knuckles!