Toni Time:

Toni’s lifetime of performance clips montage, complete with funky remix mash up music. Did you know Toni was a regular guest on the Saturday Night Live first season? She was. She frequently showed up with her crew the Locker's of which she was the only female.

Oh Rerun…that Rerun…He was such a good popper-locker…I choose to believe that Toni taught him all that he knew. Sell it Rerun...sell it!

Shabadoo you say? What with his defiant display of the one dangly earring, he was hot and what an actor. His intimate scenes in the fabulously underrated movie, Breakin' with Kelly played by a luminous Lucinda Dickey take my breath away some twenty years later. Of course we all knew that the taboo Shabadoo’s unconventional pop’n lock moves would lure Kelly away from her lifetime of terpischorean traditional ballet studies in favor of the more lucrative aspects of street dancing. Like the boy says, "She aint no street dancer." I think Shaba was single handedly responsible for the tight lycra man midriff shirt that swept fashion capitals that season.

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