Toni Time:

It’s Toni Basil Weekend, all Toni all the time except if I post other things. To honor her 65th birthday this Monday.

That’s right 65.

She look good for 65.

Still twirling to the beat, not slowing down by any means. I mean sure she gets stove-up sometimes when a popin’ n’ a lockin’ but hey these things happen.

I wonder how she keeps so fresh? What’s her secret? She’s probably a vampire. It must be good genes. Dancing. That’s it dancing. Dancing is the elixir of life.

“Hey get a load of that red head up there” Who is that red head go-go dancer in a cage wearing the two-piece red shimmy dress? Watch the spark…the beginnings of true choreography the very essence of the juke joint shindig…the hullabaloo…and some hully gully thrown in for good measure.

Miz Basil...