Tight Ends and Stuff:

I’ll be at the Saints game today…I have a good friend who has tickets…I know…I feel all butch and manly…just like a dyke.

I’m not at all interested in the sport (duh) but I do so enjoy the camaraderie of crazed sports fans. What’s to hate…a road trip plus New Orleans, plus the spectacularly tacky venue of the Super Dome, plus, plus, plus.

The last time I was at the Dome I was tripping my balls off on shrooms. It was so NFL with all of the professional media trappings…I swear it was a surreal experience filled with chromatic colors that it felt like being inside of a Lite-Brite and all of the people were the little pegs. Anyway…

We’ll get to see all of the returning evacuees as they simultaneously turn around and head out of the city again in hasty anticipation of hurricane Ike. I mean really, Ike? Is that the best name they could come up with starting with the letter I? I can think of many other more interesting ones such as, Ichabod, Isabel, Isadora, Ignacio, Iarmani, Imunique, Iraq, Iran, Ion, Isopropyl, and Infinity.

Go Saints!


  1. Drat! I'll be thinking of you as I drive by on the way home...all butch and manly.

    I feel like I'm tripping on "shrooms" everytime I see the flaming chemical plants glittering on the horizon as I cross the bridge.