R.I.P. Jerry Reed:

Poor Jerry Reed has died at the age of 71. This news saddens me so and it seems like yesterday that he was on the radio signing “When Your Hot Your Hot When Your Not Your Not” I wonder if he wore dentures?

In a 1998 interview with The Tennessean, Reed had this to say about his career. “I admit that my acting ability is questionable. "I used to watch people like Richard Burton and Mel Gibson and think, `I could never do that.' When people ask me what my motivation is, I have a simple answer: money."

Truer words have never been spoken. More info over at the Jerrypedia.

Richard Burton…really? Huh! Anyway I had planned on returning to the stage in a revival at an off off Branson Missouri theater. Reed was to have been my musical director. Mackie was to have designed my gowns. All that has now been put on hold. I guess that I could use Ray Stevens as musical director if he’s not too busy…I hear that he’s very very busy over at the Andy Williams Venue. “Hey Stella, See if you can get Ray Stevens on the line for me…maybe not all is lost yet…always did like his number, ‘The Streak’ Oh and see if you can get Mackie's people on the line and get my deposit back he charges by the sequin you know.”

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