Pedicab...what's a pedicab? Immediately conjured images of a luxurious cab ride through a glamorous city while receiving a pedicure come to mind. How chic would that be? Imagine a filthy taxi driven by an immigrant that doesn’t speak English and his equally filthy wife crouched on the floorboard rasping away at bunions while zooming through the streets.

There’s a longing for the good old days when maids performed those chores and everything was full service. Many sore feet sorely miss them, as they now have to walk under their own power chipping toenail polish in the process.

Why in China it’s certain that this service still exists in rickshaw fashion. A pimped out mani-pedi rickshaw, it’s like a spa on wagon wheels. Nobody pulls a rickshaw like a Chinaman. Nobody paints a nail like a Chinawoman. The two obviously go together.


  1. Don't forget Koreans. There was some sort of pedicab service here in BR, dunno if it took off. People would probs rather drive drunk.

  2. We have 'em here in Denver.

    They are all run by ex-bicycle delivery kids.