You're Driving Me Insane:

I’ve heard that the best way to get rid of a lyric stuck in your head is to pass it on to someone else, so it goes like this,

Crying on my pillow
Lonely in my bed
Then I heard a voice beside me
And she softly said

Wonder is your nightlight
Magic is your dream
And as I held her she said see what I mean

I said Whaaaaat?
She said Ooh Ooh Ooh Wee
I said all right
She said love me, love me, love me

Undercover angel
Midnight fantasy
I never had a dream
That made sweet love to me…Woo

Undercover angel
Answer to my prayers
You made me know that there’s
A love…for me…out there…somewhere

Yeah Somewhere….

Another method of ridding oneself of a broken record looping over and over in your subconscious is to sing it from beginning to end, so I youtubed it and here it is,

On the subject of Youtube, I really marvel at the technology that presents the opportunity of instantly playing a horrible song like Undercover Angel but I really hate Youtube video’s with a static picture. While I’m on the subject why doesn’t Youtube offer viewers the option of a player? You know like a queue where you can drag fifteen or twenty static videos into the player and sit back and listen to them one after another. I guess Youtube technology hasn’t gotten that far yet.


  1. Awwright!
    Oh how I used to love this song!


    Is that an acrylic painting of Barbi Benton?

  2. I STILL love that song!

    Alan O'Day