Feigning Interest:

Okay so I don’t watch too much television these days because I’m waiting for the reality shows to run their course and die a horrible death and anyone who ever had one or was on one to become a total joke. But...There aint much doing on a Thursday night around here and I’ve started watching the show Swingtown.

I guess it reminds me of my childhood in the 1970's and maybe of my neighbors' sexy moms from that period. Oh and the sexy teenage neighbor who mowed the lawn in her bikini...she was hot.

So anyway I was reading up on the cast members bios. The woman who plays the prudish ex-neighbor Janet Thompson (Miriam Shor) is such a good actor’ess. She played the transgendered, Yitzhak, in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, complete with facial hair.

The guy who plays her husband Roger Thompson (Josh Hopkins) was a new face to me even though he has a totally familiar 1970's look about him. Turns out he’s the son of a former Kentucky congressman and he attended Auburn University. He’s also responsible for a viral video (that I have never seen) entitled, "Feigning Interest" so enjoy.

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