Excuse my lack of posts lately. Been working, been sick, been without the internet...been rough lately. Been trying to learn Autocad 2009...not easy. Been exploring Adobe Creative Suite CS3 Master Collection...really not easy. Been tired! Been sick! Been sick and tired!

So today I needed to post an invoice. Price of a stamp is now .42 cents and I only have a .41 cent stamp. While running errands I pop into the post office for the .1 cent stamp. The machine in the lobby is always broken but this time it’s really broken with duct tape strapped across the front and a sign that says to enter the main lobby.

What, no .1 cent stamps stuck to the face of the machine this time for others to take freely?

I enter the main lobby. The usual postal patrons are in line. A lady holding up the line asking a thousand questions about this box and that box and which one is less expensive and generally wasting time with loud conversation for the entire room to hear. I try to ignore her but another lady is talking on her cell phone with loud conversation for the entire room to hear. The man in the wheelchair (who is missing both legs) rolls up to the clerk and exclaims, “I’m out gettin’ my exercise...and I need a money order.”

Finally it’s my turn, “I guess I need a .1 cent stamp,” I say.

After a few minutes and a lot of button pushing on a computer touch screen, the clerk produces the elusive .1 cent stamp and says, “That’ll be .1 cent.” I hand over a quarter. He looks at me and says, “Just keep it...I gotcha.”

What’s the point of raising the price of a damn stamp by .1 cent and making me drive all the way to the post office wasting a gallon of gas if the clerk is just going to give it to me anyway?

Damn Post Office!


  1. but think of all the "exercise" you got.

    I just put two 41 cent stamps on my mail. I'm too lazy to exercise.

  2. See that's just what they want you to do. I had another .41 cent stamp too. I would have saved money by doing that. But NOOOOOO!

  3. I wonder how much it costs to produce a 1 cent stamp.


  5. i never should have thrown those damn 1c stamps out!!